By using EASTERN Crane, you will obtain a uniform flow of documents that remain the same from site to site. Regardless the scope of work, type of crane or complexity of the job, it is all EASTERN Crane. We cover everything. EASTERN Crane is responsible for every step of the crane visit from planning, logistics, to execution. All our workers and equipment fall under our umbrella. Documents from crane certification, worker credentials, on site supervision all are covered under EASTERN Crane.

  • Before the crane arrives
    • Verification of Company
    • Verification of Workers
    • Verification of Equipment
    • Lift Documents
  • Once Crane Arrives (Appointed Safety Coordinator)
    • Verification that documents match equipment
    • Personnel match documents
    • Verification of Rigging, documents.
    • Tail gate safety meeting
    • Perform Hoist
  • We also perform sight reviews and coordinate with engineers to make sure there is a positive flow to the job being developed.
  • We do daily, monthly, yearly rentals of operated cranes.
  • We design, supply rigging requirements.
  •  We supply manpower including,
    • Riggers
    • Signalmen
    • Traffic control personnel
    • Supervisor (site or hoist)

EASTERN Crane is the responsible third party for redirecting queries from owners, project managers, general contractors, Ministry of Labour, and safety officials, when it comes to a crane job on your site. We carry extensive $5,000,000.00 Insurance policies to supplement other insurances our sub trades carry. We have our own WSIB coverage for all employees under our umbrella. Once the job is done, we debrief with a full report on all facets of the job.

Call us now at 1-613-402-6440 to schedule delivery of equipment and experienced operators to your job site.